Taylor Hiedi Hatcher

Owner & Movement Therapist

Taylor Hatcher is the owner of the Dynamic Alignment Training Center.  She is a movement therapist, bodyworker, coach and the developer of our method and training solutions.

Her training and bodywork method is healing a wide variety of pain syndromes by teaching clients how to move better as an integrated system. Many of her insights into the body’s geometric patterns and compensatory strategies (neuromuscular imbalances) stem from her experiences as an elite and injured athlete, her innate kinesthetic perceptual skills, and her education in massage therapy, exercise science, and psychology.  She understands the body’s constant drive toward freedom and ease as a result of her own serious injuries.  After 15 years of experiencing and studying many approaches in Western physical, psychological, and emotional therapies, meditation, coaching, and Western and Eastern bodywork, Taylor began understanding how to heal the roots of her own pain syndromes.  She spent several years teaching professional and elite athletes her insights, which have formed the basis of her DAT method.

Taylor's method for productive and lasting change follows the equation:

Experiential Education + Feedback for Accurate Perception of Spatial Positioning + Trusting the Body’s Natural Processes = Dynamic Alignment. 

Taylor is a New York State licensed massage therapist and NASM certified personal trainer.  She is certified in kinetic taping, sports performance enhancement, lifestyle and wellness coaching, and orthopedic massage.  As a Divison-1 Women’s Basketball Captain for Portland State University, she earned several athletic and academic honors during her Divison-1 athletic career, in addition to a full-ride scholarship.  She was among the best high school female basketball players and golfers in the state of Washington in her youth.  As an adult, she has competed and placed in several triathlons, half and full marathons, and enjoys cycling.  She has an M.A. from George Washington University, a B.S. in Psychology and minor in Women's Studies from Portland State University, and an Associates degree in Occupational Health Studies from the Swedish Institute.

Britney Falcon

Movement Therapist


Britney was first drawn to massage therapy as a means to further understand and heal her own body. She now believes it functions as a vehicle for increased awareness and movement towards a healthier, more efficient life.  After years of chronic pain and serious injuries, including what was seen as a career ending spinal injury, she searched to repair and rediscover how to move with a free body.  Massage helped her to connect her emotional and physical states, in order to better understand the source of her pain and identify movement habits which were unsupportive. In order to re-pattern her movement, she stopped doing all activities that caused discomfort and began exploring ‘how’ she was moving.  Britney experienced many different forms of movement training and body therapies before coming to work with Taylor in her Dynamic Alignment Training Method. After spending years re-building herself to live a pain free active life, she now believes in the endless potential of the human body and the capacity for resilience.

Britney received her New York State license in massage therapy after attending The Swedish Institute for Health Studies, and she is a certified Personal Trainer through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  She earned a BFA in dance from The State College at Brockport, where she studied Bartenieff Fundamentals and Laban Movement Analysis. As an athlete, Britney has qualified for national championships in gymnastics, soccer, and track & field. She has experience coaching youth soccer, youth gymnastics, creative movement classes for non-dancers, and dance technique for professionals. She has also coached track & field athletes, specializing with sprinters and jumpers, by breaking down movement patterns and analyzing physical restrictions while under load. She has worked in a variety of settings treating individuals who suffer from traumatic injury and chronic pain.  She has worked at major athletic events, such as The NYC Triathlon, Fire/Police World Games, and the Ironman Championships.  She believes that the simplification of movement is essential for re-patterning complex activities. Currently, Britney is a modern dancer and the artistic director of Falcon Dance, www.falcondance.com.