Taylor Hatcher Sports Therapy is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitative and physical training practice specializing in healing and preventing injuries with dynamic alignment strategies.  We apply and teach the biomechanics, geometry and exercise science of whole body movement in private sessions and classes.  Our method’s high-stress solutions are helping our clients get active, stay active and live balanced and healthy lives.


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Restore & Create Potential



We are known for healing pain syndromes with our bodywork and movement methods.  Because we understand the geometry of how you move, we can problem-solve on the massage table in a comprehensive manner that other methods simply cannot.  Our bodywork method creates potential for new neural connections, improved mobility, athletic recovery, a balanced mind-body connection, and more.  We apply our method to restore equilibrium with a variety of Eastern and Western modalities.

Heal- Ease pain syndromes and repetitive motion injuries.

Recover- Recover from the wear and tear of training and racing.

Prevent- Neutralize subtle problems before they become big problems.

Home Programing - Learn targeted self-massage.

Relaxation Massage

60/90 minute sessions


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