Taylor Hatcher Sports Therapy is a multi-disciplinary rehabilitative and physical training practice specializing in healing and preventing injuries with dynamic alignment strategies.  We apply and teach the biomechanics, geometry and exercise science of whole body movement in private sessions and classes.  Our method’s high-stress solutions are helping our clients get active, stay active and live balanced and healthy lives.

Initial Consultation:

Biomechanical Assessment


An assessment is required to understand if and how we can help you. 


Our multi-disciplinary assessment is designed to discover the biomechanic roots of injuries, pain syndromes, and vulnerabilities.  Our method will assess how well your body is moving as a whole system and reveal where and when compensation patterns occur.  You will receive an analysis of findings, a hypothesis, and our suggestions to reach your goals.


Insight - THST's unique body scans and tests will reveal your unique movement strategy in relation to your pain syndrome or injury.

Feedback  - Receive feedback from a whole systems perspective and make a plan.

Movement Training:

Make New Connections & Get in Shape

1 hour sessions


An initial consultation is required before booking this session.


Understanding how you move is key for long-term results in exercise and everyday movement.  We progressively increase your understanding of whole body movement, mind-body awareness, and physical fitness.  Your body will shape to an improved state of equilibrium with a higher work capacity and functional alignment.  


Learn - Build a balanced and functional body with movement education.

Heal - Create new mind-body connections and identify boundaries.

Strengthen - Dynamically align your body and improve your work capacity.

Home Programing - Take the in session learning home with you for on-going practice.

Video Support- self-videos with verbal cues are provided for easy home replication.