This paragraph explains why coaching for runners and triathletes is important.  How and why you need it.  The support and guidance you receive...  Seasonal Classes to support core strength and ability. 

Coaching for Runners

Develop Your Running Skills

Run YOUR race.

Running is a dynamic dance of weight transfer and flight.  Our Running Skills method teaches you how to improve your alignment, motor patterns and timing of whole body relationships while running.  You will learn guidelines, running drills, and an exercise program that helps you develop your best running form. 


Feedback-Learn more about how you currently run and track your progress with video support and feedback..

Insight - Everyone is a little bit different. Understand your body's limits and how to improve them.

Plan - Develop a personalized running plan with running drills and exercises to improve your form.

Race Season Planning- Set reachable goal and benchmarks for your race season.

Race/Pace Support- Run a race NYC race with your running coach.  Get paced, pre/post race support and tips on navigating other parts of the race like bathrooms, eating, water stations, proper dressing.



Coaching for Triathletes

Develop a balanced multi-sport attack.

how what we do for triathletes differes from other coaches who have limited knowledge

how you know you need a coach

Video feedback

this is a paragraph about why we use video feedback, what purpose it serves in home practice, with unique cues, and progress tracking.  As well as a deeper understand of your own dynamic alignment, and a better understanding of how to identify misalignment in yourself and others.