Initial Consultation:

Biomechanical Assessment


An assessment is required to understand if and how we can help you. 

Our multi-disciplinary assessment is designed to discover the biomechanic roots of injuries, pain syndromes, and vulnerabilities.  Our method will assess how well your body is moving as a whole system and reveal where and when compensation patterns occur.  You will receive an analysis of findings, a hypothesis, and our suggestions to reach your goals.

Insight - DAT's unique body scans and tests will reveal your movement strategies.

Feedback- Receive feedback from a whole systems perspective and make a lasting change.

Movement Training:

Make New Connections & Get in Shape

1 hour session


An initial consultation is required before booking this session.

Understanding how you move is key for long-term results in exercise and everyday movement.  We progressively increase your understanding of whole body movement, mind-body awareness, and physical fitness.  Your body will shape to an improved state of equilibrium with a higher work capacity and functional alignment.  

We build home programs with video support and weekly goals.

Learn - Build a balanced and functional body with movement education.

Heal - Create new mind-body connections and identify boundaries.

Strengthen - Dynamically align your body and improve your work capacity.

Home Programing - Take the learning home for on-going practice.

Video Support- self-videos with verbal cues are provided for easy home replication.


Restore & Create Potential

1 hour session

We are known for healing pain syndromes with our bodywork and movement methods.  Because we understand the geometry of how you move, we can problem-solve on the massage table in a comprehensive manner that other methods simply cannot.  Our bodywork method creates potential for new neural connections, improved mobility, athletic recovery, a balanced mind-body connection, and more.  We apply our method to restore equilibrium with a variety of Eastern and Western modalities.

Heal- Ease pain syndromes, imbalances, and repetitive motion injuries.

Recover- Recover from the wear and tear of training and racing.

Prevent- Neutralize subtle problems before they become big problems.

Home Programing - Learn targeted self-massage.

Bike & Body Fit:

Body Before Metal

2 hour session


The application of our understanding of human movement to bike fitting creates a stable and powerful ride. After we assess how you move on and off the bike, we dial you into the optimal position for your body structure, limitations, strengths, and goals.  Our method facilitates a neutral position of high stability and power output.  We help all levels of cyclists and encourage anyone who cycles to get a proper fit.

Discover - Understand how to stop and prevent pain by assessing on and off the bike.

Body First - Know your body's boundaries instead of defaulting to the bike's boundaries.

Feedback  - Receive feedback from a whole systems perspective and make a plan with our suggestions.

Coaching for Runners

Develop Running Skills

Running is a dynamic dance of weight transfer and flight.  Our Running Skills method teaches you how to improve your alignment, motor patterns and timing of whole body relationships while running.  You will learn guidelines, running drills, and an exercise program that helps you develop your best running form. 

Feedback- Learn how you are currently running with video feedback.

Insight - Understand your body's limits and how to improve them.

Plan - Develop a personalized running plan with running drills and exercises.